Art World Universe: Series I is a set of 30 original trading cards, depicting real contemporary artists in a world of mutant powers, secret identities, epic alliances and feuds. The set includes 12 heroes, 12 villains, 5 legends, and one attribute definition/checklist card. Each card features a character on the front, and a head shot, backstory, attribute ratings, personal statistics, and 'Did you know?' fact on the back.

The cards are printed in one of 3 Rarity Tiers: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. They come professionally packaged, randomly sorted, 5 cards to a pack. There are 36 packs in a display box.

Cody Justus and Samara Pearlstein are two artists living and working in Boston, MA. We met in grad school and developed a lively studio practice of schmoozing instead of doing whatever it was we were supposed to be doing. Long discussions about art, the art world, and superheroes (naturally) led to this project.

For inquiries about carrying Art World Universe cards, or more information about the project, please email artworlduniverse@gmail.com