Art World Universe now available at Mass MoCA! by Sam Pearlstein

Look what's been spotted out in the wild! Art World Universe cards are now available at Mass MoCA!!

Located in North Adams, MA, Mass MoCA (for those of you who are not yet familiar with it) is one of the biggest and (in our opinion) coolest contemporary art museums in the US. Because of their massive gallery spaces, they are able to host ambitious installation projects, incredibly diverse group shows, large-scale sculptures, and wide-ranging retrospectives-- like the Jim Shaw exhibit they have up right now, which we loved (see below!) and definitely recommend going to see!

So if you do make it out there to see the museum, make sure you stop in at the museum shop and pick up a pack or two of Art World Universe cards! They're right by the register... or maybe they'll be moved around, who can say, museums are a mystery.

AWU <3 Mass MoCA